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jueves, 30 de junio de 2016

Fourth Day: Summer Camp Idiomes Tarradellas

Wednesday,29 of June
We got up and we had breakfast like all the other days.
We went to the mountain, and we found the last clue of the mystery!
Then we arrived at the Canet’s cross on the top of the mountain.
When we finished discovering what said the clue we ate a Frankfurt.
We played a game, and the eagles won.
We came back to Canet and we went to the swimming pool
Before eating, we went to the beach to saw fireworks, they were impressive!
We returned to the house and we went to bed.
Inés, Sandra, Jan and Miguel

Thursday, 30 of June
We get up and we have breakfast like all the other days.
Today we go to the port to go sailing : vela and kayak.
We painting  t-shirt .

Nerea, Anna, Marta

miércoles, 29 de junio de 2016


Today there are only pictures because we did not have time to write anything about our day! As you can see, the day has been very long! Goodnight!